60 Minute Coaching SessionHave a question about OKRs, team dynamics or how to revitalize your company's innovation capabilities with design thinking tools? Book a call with Christina and get the answers you need. "Perfect! Exactly what I needed. Christina has so much experience that her answers were quick, efficient and thoughtful. Very, very good use of my time and money. Thank you!" ~Jamie Dalton "Our company needed some acute and sharp guidance regarding finding a great OKR coach, and Christina was very forthcoming with fact- and experienced-based suggestions. Even in the short compass of a brief call, she provided great value. Thank you, Christina!" ~John Norman
30 Minute Coaching SesionNeed only 30 minutes? Many people run into the same problems implementing systems to support High Performing teams.
Student Office HoursThese are only for Stanford students, not clients! If I'm booked, email me... I have special just-for-student hours I can offer you.
Explore Speaking and Consulting EngagementsIf you are interesting in booking Christina Wodtke for a speaking or consulting engagement, please email me@cwodtke.com first, and a rate sheet will be provided. If you are ready to discuss details, feel free to book a call.
60 minute Podcasts and InterviewsIf you wish to have Christina on a podcast or interview, please book the "explore" appointment type first. Once we've agreed to go forward, you can use this to reserve time.
Remote Workshop/Training